Home Cook. Former Female Business Owner. Commercial Finance Consultant.

Ferne Kornfeld, a resident of Palm Beach, Florida, is a Principal and Commercial Finance Consultant who possesses over two decades of experience. She graduated from American University with a degree in Marketing, but made her way into finance when her husband needed her help running their business. Since then, Ferne has never looked back.

Specializing in debt restructuring, Ferne and the rest of the team at Value Capital Funding provide solutions to business owners that do not include accruing more debt. Oftentimes, they stand in-between a business owner and bankruptcy. As a small business owner, she is proud to help these businesses continue serving their communities.

When she is not working, Ferne enjoys spending time in her kitchen. Though she has always cooked, she only recently started appreciating the art. Now, she loves to find and try new recipes, tinker with tried and true ones, and watch her family’s reaction to the meals.

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