Kitchen Tools Every Home Chef Needs

How does the saying go? There is nothing better than a home-cooked meal. Cooking is a great way to get creative and bring the family together for a delicious feast. However, whipping up a home-cooked meal can be intimidating when trying out complicated recipes and cooking techniques. With the right kitchen tools in hand, you can feel like a professional chef and serve up a mouthwatering dish that friends and family will love. Here are some kitchen tools every home chef needs!

Chef’s Knife

Almost every recipe requires a cook to slice and dice a number of ingredients, which is why it’s essential to have a good knife in your kitchen. Make the investment in a carbon-plated stainless steel knife that will keep its sharpness through every recipe. Make sure to pick a knife that you feel comfortable with and is balanced in your hand. Your chef’s knife needs to be easy to hold and control; this will make all the difference. 

Food Processor

Having a food processor in your kitchen will open doors to so many more recipes. With a food processor nearby, you can make a plethora of spreads, hummuses, sauces, and more from scratch. When buying a food processor with different attachments, you can also shred foods like cheese or carrots and slice foods such as pepperoni or beets. This gadget will save you loads of time when preparing a meal.

Silicone Spatula

To make sure you are able to get every bit of flavor into your dish and nothing goes to waste, a silicone spatula is a must-have tool for your kitchen. It will easily scrape out all the ingredients prepared in the food processor or mixing bowl. From hummus to cake batter, your silicone spatula will help make sure it all ends up on your plate. When buying your spatula, be sure it is silicone and not rubber to ensure it won’t melt under high heat. 

Cutting Board

Having a thick wooden cutting board on hand will save your countertops and make cooking your favorite meals less of a mess. With a sturdy, stable surface, prepping your food will be a breeze. Not only will a wooden cutting board protect your countertops, but it will help protect your knife from dulling as well. It’s also a good idea to have one cutting board for meats and another for vegetables.

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