Winter Inspired Cocktails

Whether you’re snowed in for winter or live in a region fortunate enough to be sunny all year round, cozy cocktails are a wintertime staple. On a chilly night, there is nothing better than a fancy cocktail to warm yourself up with. Although some can feel intimidated by making a cocktail at home, these recipes are easy to recreate on your own and are perfect for winter.

Mulled Cider With Cloved Oranges

Start your first winter pour with this classic and sweet Mulled Cider With Cloved Oranges. Not only is this cocktail cozy and delicious, but it will also leave your home smelling amazing. The recipe includes fresh apple with warm spices, giving the perfect smooth and fruity combination. You’ll be sure to make more than one batch of this amazing cider.

Passion Fruit Champagne Margarita

Another fruity, wintertime cocktail that offers more of a refreshing taste is this Passion Fruit Champagne Margarita. Margaritas are great all year round, but this recipe brings all the tropics to winter. The champagne and tequila come together beautifully in this drink with the added lime zest and topped with a passion fruit garnish. This cocktail is especially needed on a snowy day when all your craving is an island getaway. 

Instant Whiskey Eggnog

Nothing says winter quite like eggnog, which is why you need to give this Instant Whiskey Eggnog a whirl. This is a great alternative if you are not one for fruity cocktails. Making traditional eggnog can take a while, but this recipe combines melted vanilla ice cream, ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, and of course whiskey takes almost no time at all. 

Whiskey Nightcap

If you still have some whiskey leftover from the previous recipe, give this Whiskey Nightcap a try. This is a super easy and new way to serve up whiskey during the winter months. With only three ingredients, anyone can make this drink with their family and friends. This is the perfect drink to finish off your night.

Mulled Wine

This list would not be complete without the winter classic Mulled Wine. There are so many ways to create the perfect mulled wine cocktail, but this recipe only has five ingredients and is perfect for a beginner. Simply combine all the ingredients in an instant pot or large saucepan and in just an hour, you’ll have the perfect mulled wine. This is perfect for cozying up next to the fire or for a nice night in with friends and family.

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